James Dean

At last, a plumber who says how things can be done and does them promptly and without fuss. Graeme fixed some problems with our drainage that others had not been able to. Punctual, ‘can do’ and easy to work with.

Ash Keilor Park

I recently contacted CMT Drain Services due to an ongoing issue with our sewer that has posed a problem for us for three years. Several times we have had people come out with electric sewer machines but found the issue would present itself again only a matter of months after it was cleared. CMT Drain Services arrived punctually and proceeded to clear the blockage with a high pressure jet with a root cutting head on it. After the blockage was cleared the operator put his CCTV Drain Camera down the sewer and pointed out exactly where the roots were entering the drain with his drain locating device. The sewer was totally clear and we put down some tree root killing liquid and haven\’t had any problems since.


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